👑TruthAboutTupac Podcast🎙(LIVE Recording 🔴) #6

Wed February 24, 2021 @ 8:00PM PST

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Join TruthAboutTupac Movement for week 6 of the 21 week countdown to Pac’s 50th birthday- June 16th🎉 Every Wednesday night exclusive only on Clubhouse! This weeks topic “Knowledge” 📚with Hashim Ali!

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Registering for the event lets the speakers manage the agenda and pre-select people to come on stage. Its simple to register, no account needed - just fill the form out below!


7:57 PM - 9:55 PM

  • 7:57 PM - Open Room, begin pinging listeners and bringing special guests and moderators to stage.

  • 8:00 PM - Briefly set the room; queue 2Pac's "Words of Wisdom" (5 mins)

  • 8:07 PM - Officially set room; Introduce podcast to new listeners; explain community rules & audio release, etc.

  • 8:15 PM - Leila Steinberg introduces Hashim Ali, shares their history and connects to the topic!

  • 8:20 PM - Hashim Ali introduction and introduces his special guests Ameer and Locksmith!

  • 8:25 PM - Ameer introduction and thoughts on "Words of Wisdom"

  • 8:30 PM - Locksmith introduction and thoughts on "Words of Wisdom"

  • 8:35 PM - Brief room Reset and Queue up Malcolm X speech on Education (2 mins)

  • 8:40 PM - Hashim, Ameer, Locksmith, roundtable with TAT moderators and special guests!

  • 9:20 PM - Reset room and bring 5-10 audience listeners for Q&A and discussion.

  • 9:50 PM - Reset the room; introduce next week's topic.

  • 9:55 PM - Closing thoughts, homework, and moving forward!

Community Rules

  • Audio Release Form for Participation - Anyone who comes to stage must have signed audio release form. You can find audio release form in the attached resources.

  • Bomb First (Legacy Hour) - The first 60-75 mins of the podcast is reserved for special guests and guests speakers.

  • Q&A - The last half hour of podcast will be reserved for Q&A (9:20-9:50)