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about 14 hours until event starts

Triple Threat: Black+Mom+Startup

We discuss wins and wellness. We discuss closing deals and opportunity gaps. Because revenue is sexy. When one Black Mom Startup rises, we all rise.

Hosted by:
Melissa Mueller-Douglas
Charmain Jackman
Ahlia Kitwana

1 day until event starts

Переезжаем в Корею 🇰🇷 и Японию 🇯🇵

Hosted by:
Nadya Reino
Mariko Tanya
Anastasia Schaub

3 days until event starts

The Craft of Casting

Casting Directors talk about their craft and pull the curtain back on how they make the magic happen ✨

Hosted by:
Rose Rosen
CSA Carla Stephens Joey Chandler Leslie Greene Erica Palgon Charisse Glenn Katie Griffin Katie Taylor Easton Edwin

11 days until event starts


Thus ai ateat

Hosted by:
Cyrus Merrill

about 1 month until event starts

Interdrone Career Connect 2021

If you are seeking a job in the UAS/UAV industry: Attend InterDrone in collaboration with with Women and Drones. Register ahead of time and interview in Dallas, TX: August 12, 2021 12:30-3:30 pm Https://

Hosted by:
Sam Scully
Maggie Schuster

5 months until event starts

Streaming Revenue: How Artist Get Paid

Hosted by:
J.R. Mckee
Jason Reddick
Walter Tucker
Tish Taylor
Dave Melhado
Fly Henry

6 months until event starts

What’s Your Love Language?

Do you know your love language? Is the way you give and receive love different? Join us in a chat to discuss how love language plays a role in relationships.

Hosted by:
Erika McCall

6 months until event starts

ClubHouse is Broken, Let’s fix it!

Hosted by:
Eugene Craig
Em LaDope
Elle Quinn
Joseph Foster
Brix B
The Living

6 months until event starts

The 420 Sunday power sesh!! 🎄 & 🍄 welcomed!

It’s about that time, my favorite time of the day and if you got your joint , blunt or Shroom cap on deck, tap in let’s talk about it... 420 is the hour & the cannabis flower has the power to unlock!

Hosted by:
Shaggy Brown
Mikhayel Tesfaye
Golden State Banana
nick the piff
Jeff Todd
Webb Kevin
Sami Bundlez
Alex Todd
Kaiser Cheo
Al Harrington
Neo Da Matrix
Sour Wavez
Hawaii Dylin Salman

6 months until event starts

The Old Memphis v. The New Memphis

From Music to Politics. A lot has changed but A LOT has remained the same. We just chopping it up about our favorite things & moments coming of age in the 901 & the direction Memphis has gone.

Hosted by:
The Playapreneur
Margaret Stout
KP Trill
Darryl Humphrey II
Cashflow Dolla
DJ Hollywood Oompa

6 months until event starts

Haiti 🇭🇹 Tourism as a Tool of Development

Let’s talk Haiti Tourism I’m interested to hear your experience, suggestions and grievances.

Hosted by:
Guerline Emmanuel
Nadege Fleurimond
Jude Emmanuel

6 months until event starts

The Legends Lounge

Welcome party for B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Hosted by:

6 months until event starts

Top 4 Pathways To Your First Sync License In 2021

Let’s talk about the TOP PATHS you can take to get your very first major TV network OR Film placement.

Hosted by:
Nelson Johnson

6 months until event starts

Congress Better Have My Money Part II.

Congress has reached an agreement on COVID Relief. What’s in it? How does it impact you?

Hosted by:
Breon Wells
Bertram Lee
Shaniqua McClendon
Nola Haynes

6 months until event starts

Haiti 🇭🇹 Tourism as a Tool of Development Part II

For Tourism to be a real tool of development, starting with what we have, what need to exist as a system, structure or development to make it happen? Let’s Start Trailblazing!

Hosted by:
Nadege Fleurimond
Guerline Emmanuel

6 months until event starts

Queen Rise Up and Reign 👑 Restricted No Longer

Empowering women to live beyond every restriction and limitation.

Hosted by:
Tonya Ratliff

6 months until event starts

What distractions stop You from achieving your goals?

Music & Drugs; sex & money; clout & morals....talkabout it!!!

Hosted by: